How You Can Help

For most parents, a child is a dream come true, the answer to a prayer repeated over nine months of anxious, hopeful pregnancy. Parents and family talk about the little one on the way, wondering if the baby will have Mommy’s dark eyes or Daddy’s curly hair, Nana's compassion or Grandpa’s sense of humor. Sometimes, when the baby is born, or maybe after a few years go by, parents discover that there was something that they never considered when they dreamed about their baby and the future – that through illness or injury, their sweet child has health problems that need to be addressed.

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The Hoops Family Children's Hospital cares for those who are ill or injured, regardless of their ability to pay. We provide a disproportionate share of services to children in need, and your ongoing support is always appreciated. In addition, the plans for Hoops Family Children's Hospital reach far beyond its completion date. Our goal is to offer children and families the latest technology and services close to home, and such innovations are expensive. Our dream of a children's hospital became a reality, thanks to support from people just like you.

At the Hoops Family Children's Hospital, every gift makes a positive impact on the care we provide and the lives of the patients we serve. Contributions from children selling lemonade are just as appreciated as those from corporate donors! Your gift may be used to sustain important treatment, services, technology, facilities or projects that help the hospital meet the needs of the Tri-State community. Gifts of any size from individuals, families, community groups, businesses, corporations and foundations are welcome and appreciated. You may specify the service or population your donation should benefit, or you may make a general donation to be used at the discretion of the Foundation.

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